How to use Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

When you shoot in the Camera app’s Portrait mode, you’re framing an image as seen by your iPhone’s 2x “telephoto” lens. But the wide-angle is also working for you: It automatically measures the difference in distance between what it sees and what the telephoto sees, creating a multi-point depth map. […]

Best Accessories for iMac in 2018

If you’re doing any type of professional audio/video editing or just really like your music to sound amazing, then the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones should be on your list. Yes, they are wired, but they come with a 10-foot cable, which stays well out of your way while you work. These […]

Stock up on these discounted Sylvania HomeKit-enabled Smart Bulbs

Amazon currently has the Sylvania Smart+ HomeKit compatible smart bulbs on sale for $20.99. These bulbs were released back in October and have sold for $25.99 since their release. Smart bulbs are rather common these days, but unfortunately not many of the more affordable options work with Apple’s HomeKit, so […]

How to watch video on your iPhone

When it comes to watching videos through Safari on your iPhone, there are a couple of basic controls you’ll be using: Play/pause Skip back 15 seconds Skip forward 15 seconds Screen mirroring Volume control Screen zooming Each video you watch will also give you a timeline that’ll allow you to […]

Selfie indulgence: The meaning of photos in the age of social media

The first partially successful photograph was taken in 1816. Back then, as you’ve probably seen in period films and super old photos, the camera was a rather large and cumbersome contraption. Getting your photo taken was expensive and a novelty. The first roll of film was patented some 65 years […]

Nest Secure vs. Ring Alarm: Which DIY security system is best?

What you get: The bottom-line price gets you a base unit and separate keypad. Also included is a single door/window contact sensor, and a single motion sensor. Add-ons: The basic Ring Alarm system is a lot less expensive but comes with fewer sensors. However, it also has more products available […]

10 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air

When Steve Jobs introduced the first MacBook Air, the ultra-light laptop came with many compromises in terms of power and ports. I bought one anyway, of course. So did many other writers, managers, travelers, and futurists. It was glorious. And painful. I loved how light it was and easy to […]

How to use Google’s Arts & Culture app to find your art doppelgänger

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, living a healthy, social-media-free life), you’ve likely seen the photos floating around fairly recently of individuals standing in museums next to their uncanny art doppelgängers. And, as a result, you’ve probably had at least one passing thought about whether or […]

How to avoid buying a stolen iPhone

If you’re looking to buy a used iPhone from an unofficial reseller like eBay or Craigslist, you run the risk of ending up with a stolen piece of property. As a conscientious buyer, you should “run the numbers” to make sure that a device hasn’t been reported stolen or blacklisted […]