This AmazonBasics 50-mile indoor HDTV antenna is only $21

This AmazonBasics 50-mile indoor HDTV antenna is down to $21.39, its lowest price ever. it regularly sells for $28 and has only dropped from that price once before, but even that previous drop didn’t go as low as this one. The 50-mile range is helpful particularly for people who don’t […]

Use Makeovr to help build a custom Home screen on your iPhone

If you’ve ever wanted to exercise more control over your iPhone’s Home screen, you can use a web app to gain that control. Makeovr is a tool that can cleverly use the iPhone’s ability to add icons for web links to the Home screen in order to allow you to […]

Where to Buy Philips Hue Lights for Cheap

When it comes to home automation, Philips Hue lights are one of the best smart light bulbs on the market. Not only are they fully integrated with HomeKit, meaning you can control them from your iPhone, iPad, or with Siri, they are usually pretty easy to find; however, Philips Hue […]

Best Neo Geo games for Nintendo Switch

Whether it was intentional or not, it would seem to me that the Nintendo Switch was perfectly designed to play old school games on. Yes, it’s a powerful piece of machinery, but there is something magical about playing games from your childhood in the palm of your hand. It’s one […]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch is only $45

Amazon has The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on sale for $45. This is the best price in history for this game, which is lauded as one of the top releases ever. It’s absolutely something every Switch owner should have in their collection. If you still aren’t convinced, […]

Upgrade to a Dell 27-inch 4K monitor for just $400

Dell’s P series 27-inch 4K monitor is down to $399.99 at Amazon and B&H. It normally sells for around $450 at both retailers, and it’s as high as $500 at Best Buy. This is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen. The monitor has 3480×2160 pixel resolution. It’s an […]

The evolution of Alto’s Odyssey: A Q&A with Team Alto

“What we arrived at was a desire to capture the feeling of going outside your comfort zone, exploring the unfamiliar, and accepting that the concept of ‘home’ is related to the people close to you, not any one place. In many ways, this is what led us to the grandeur […]

Bring home Star Wars: The Last Jedi (and tons of bonus content) this March

In addition to film, fans will reportedly receive “a galaxy of bonus features,” including The Director and the Jedi (“an intimate journey into the creation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with writer-director Rian Johnson”) and The Balance of the Force (in which fans can “explore the mythology of the […]