Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Rover’s Garden Safari event: Everything you need to know!

Share your rare butterflies with friends. Hoarding them does you no good. Give them to friends in order to earn more seeds and friend powder from Rover. You’ll get furniture from Rover for the butterflies you catch, but you don’t have to keep them in your inventory.

Your progress is tallied in the Event section of your garden. When you give butterflies away, the total doesn’t drop. They also disappear from your inventory after the event ends, so keeping them to yourself doesn’t do anyone any good.

On average, Rover will give you one dahlia seed for each butterfly you share. This isn’t exact, however. Sometimes, he doesn’t give you any.

You can share rare butterflies with friends on their non-rare plants. Help friends out that haven’t planted any seasonal flowers yet!

Set a timer to check your garden

Though you should be able to get all of Rover’s furniture fairly easily with regular game play, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to water and harvest your plants in a timely manner. To make sure you’re always on the right track, set a timer for every two hours (that’s how long it takes before your flowers will wilt and stop growing). You don’t have to run through the entire campground’s requests, but you can make sure your flowers bloom when they’re supposed to.

You should consider setting a second timer to remind you to catch rare butterflies after your flowers have bloomed. They won’t fly away if you don’t catch them right away, but the sooner you catch them, the sooner you can harvest your flowers, which means the sooner you can plant and grow new flowers to continue the cycle.

You don’t need Lloid to help you

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