This smart dishwasher is compact enough for the even the tiniest apartment

Design-wise, Tetra is an eye-catching combination of minimal and whimsical. Its base has a sleek brushed steel look, and its top cover resembles gently rippling water. Perhaps coolest of all, however, is that Tetra is completely transparent, allowing you to see exactly where in the dishwashing cycle your dishes are. Basically, it has serious kitchen countertop display potential.

To use Tetra, all you need to do is place it anywhere it can plug into a standard electrical outlet — no special installation or plumbing reconfiguration necessary. After that, you just fill the first compartment in the base with approximately half a gallon of tap water and some dish detergent, insert your dishes, and start it up. Voilà! In about 10 minutes, your tableware will be thoroughly clean. Once it’s finished, you just drain the dirty water.

What’s more, Tetra uses Heatworks’ patented Ohmic Array Technology to heat the water, meaning it doesn’t use traditional metal heating elements that can rust and — to put it more simply — get a bit gross over time. Instead, the naturally occurring minerals in water are excited using graphite electrodes, heating it directly and safely. That way, you get more precise control over the temperature of the water and can sanitize your more sensitive dishes, like baby bottles and plastic food storage containers. According to Heatworks, you can even cook seafood and clean fruit using Tetra.

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