How to complete Apple Watch activity challenges in 2018

In many areas of the world, there’s still time for some autumnal fun (or spring nature flings, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). That means it’s the perfect time to explore the great outdoors in your neighborhood: Grab a friend (or a doggie pal) and take a 5K photo walk, snapping as you go. If you live near a large park or preserve, all the better.

Just remember, for walk, run, or wheel workouts to count, you have to keep up the pace. So go brisk and, when you want to shoot, pause the workout, snap, snap, snap away, then hustle to the next spot.

Trail skating is in

Okay, so Apple doesn’t officially have a skating option in the Workout app, but you can fake it by logging a running workout while you go roller skating, blading, or skateboarding on your town’s paved bike path or trail.

Run, run, run away

Whether you’re running in the gym, on the streets, along the coast, or in a park, a run or wheelchair workout is a great way to get your badge. You may not look as cool as the runners in Apple’s recent Watch ad, but what’s stopping you from feeling that way on the inside?

Play Pokémon Go

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