Newton Mail now has a standalone Calendar companion app and it’s lovely

If you don’t already know, Newton is my favorite email app for Mac and the iPhone version is just incredible. It’s got a fantastic interface and and plenty of features for heavy email users. My favorite aspect is the minimalist, no-distraction design. CloudMagic, the makers of Newton took that same design aspect and created a companion Calendar app. It’s easy to use, works with most calendar services, and looks great.

It’s a companion to Newton Mail

Newton Calendar is not exactly a stand-alone app. It is, because you download it separately from Newton Mail, but its not because you need to have a Newton Mail account to sync with it. The good news is that, if you’re a Newton subscriber, the sync is absolutely seamless. It’s almost like you don’t do anything at all and everything is just there.

The idea here is that the development team at Newton wanted to make a calendar app that is user-friendly, easy to access, and doesn’t interrupt any emailing activities you’ve currently got going on.

So, instead of folding it into the Newton Mail app, the developers decided to create a stand-alone calendar that works with the email app so you’ve got more customization and all you have to do is switch between apps, almost like switching from one tab to another (thank you iOS design).

The beauty of it is…

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