Best Accessories for iPhone 8

amFilm’s screen protector is Amazon’s best selling protector for iPhone, and since screen protectors that fit the iPhone 7 also fit iPhone 8, you benefit from an abundance of options. amFilm’s two-pack is only $8 and promises near 100% transparency, a hardness that can stand up to scratches and dents, and no loss in touch sensitivity. These protectors are also covered with an oil-resistant coating, helping to diminish fingerprints, leaving your iPhone 8 screen in gorgeous condition.

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Spigen Style Ring

I know we push it a lot at Mobile Nations in general, but the Style Ring is truly one of the most versatile phone accessories around. It’s a handy way to hold onto your iPhone 8, a convenient kickstand that’s always there and low-profile when not in use, and a car mount, all in one little package. The adhesive hook mount that sticks to your dash is roughly the size of a quarter and completely unobtrusive.

You have your choice of seven colors and it’s $14 on Amazon.

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Mophie Juice Pack Classic

Mophie’s one of the top names in battery cases, and its Juice Pack Classic for iPhone 8 can give you up to a full charge, so you can use your iPhone 8 for twice as long. As battery cases go, the Juice Pack Classic is quite lightweight and slender, where some battery cases are monsters and heavy as they are ugly.

The Juice Pack Classic features rubberized support pads to protect your phone in case you drop it, and its LED power indicator lets you know how full it is, even on standby. Check it out at Apple for $100.

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Braven Stryde 360

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