This $45 Yi Home Camera has 1080p, night vision, and motion detection

Catch those thieves in 1080p.

Is this deal for me?

The Yi 1080p wireless home security camera is down to $44.99 on Amazon. This is part of Amazon’s daily deals, which means the price is good today only. This camera normally sells for around $60. This price is so low it puts the camera only $5 above the regular 720p Yi camera.

The Yi not only comes with a motion sensor but it can also activate when it detects a baby crying, making it useful as a baby monitor. Night vision allows you to view a live feed of your child’s room without disturbing them when they’re sleeping. The camera works with the Yi Home app to send alerts directly to your phone or computer. The Yi Home app lets you view up to four live camera feeds at a time. Plus, with a two-way microphone system, you can give commands through the camera or engage in a conversation with someone on the other side using the app. It also has Yi Cloud support so you won’t lose your footage when misplace that tiny SD card.

If you plan to record your footage without using the Cloud (or as a supplement to the Cloud), you’ll want to get a 32GB SD card. The camera doesn’t support higher capacities, so you might want a couple if you’re recording in 1080p.


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