Why my money’s on the Google Pixel 2

I’m very happy with my Galaxy S8, but it’s always fun to wonder what could be. I’ve been back and forth between iPhone and Android since my first smartphone in 2013 (iPhone 5). After becoming disillusioned with iCloud and the idiosyncrasies of the iPhone, I figured I’d give Android a […]

Get the world’s flattest portable speaker for $51

The DASH A is the world’s flattest portable speaker, sitting at less than three quarters of an inch thick. It’s perfect for backpacks and anywhere you want your tunes to boom, thanks to its inconspicuous design. The DASH A regularly retails for $199, but you can get yours at iMore […]

Best Heavy Duty Cases for iPhone X (so far)

With the release of the iPhone X just around the corner, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to protect the gorgeous phone. After all, you really don’t want to break something that costs you about 1,000 dollars. Heavy duty cases are built for protection and if you want to keep […]

How to add your UltraViolet movies to Movies Anywhere

If you have a bunch of movies sitting in your UltraViolet account, you can still add them to Movies Anywhere, but you need a Vudu account. Movies Anywhere is Disney’s recent attempt to merge all of those digital movie services where you purchase content into one place. You don’t have […]

Best sports apps for Apple Watch

Keep track off all your favorite teams on your wrist with sports apps for your Apple Watch! If you’re a serious sports fan, you can never get enough highlights, news, scores, and other relevant information about your favorite teams and leagues. Your Apple Watch can be a hub of sports […]

Humanity as a technological construct

The internet brought us together and is slowly but effectively tearing us apart. I like to think I’m a pretty tech-savvy guy. I get it; I enjoy it; hell, I wouldn’t be writing for iMore if I didn’t love technology. Smartphones never cease to amaze me; just when I think […]

This 6-port Lumsing desktop charger is down to just $8

Desktop chargers are insanely convenient, if you don’t have one already. Is this deal for me? This Lumsing 60W 6-port USB desktop charger is down to $8.49 with code DS987631 on Amazon. Without the code, it goes for $17, and this price matches a deal we shared once before. This […]

How to move your data to a new Nintendo Switch

For whatever reason, you need to move to a new Nintendo Switch. Bring your game saves with you! Whether your Nintendo Switch has encountered some fatal hardware problem or you’re ready to move from the family console into your own Switch, it has never been particularly easy to move an […]

Pokémon Go Halloween 2017 event guide

Mimikyu is a Gen 7 Pokémon. From Bulbapedia: Mimikyu is a small Pokémon whose body is almost entirely hidden under a rag. Its beady black eyes are visible through holes in the body of its disguise, and the fringe of an amorphous foot or lower body appears to be visible […]