Best AR experiences for social media right now!

Looking to add a little pop of AR to your social media? Here are the best augmented reality experiences available so far! When you think of augmented reality, depending on your age and your exposure to online shenanigans, your opinions and thoughts on it might be incredibly varied — but […]

iMore show 573: Dude, it’s chocolate cake

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! iMore show is back! This week, Rene Ritchie and Mikah Sargent recap Rene’s visit to Apple Park and take a detailed look at all that makes the new iPhones, […]

The best wireless chargers for your new phone

It’s been eight years since wireless charging first came to smartphones with the Palm Pre, but it took Apple building it into the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X to make it matter to the mainstream. That’s no snarky jab at Apple or its customers; in fact the iPhone’s newfound […]

iPhone 8, ‘swollen batteries’, and what you really need to know

There are a small percentage of battery failures every year for every lithium-ion phone. But that won’t stop iPhone 8 ‘swollen batteries’ from making headlines! Here’s the thing: Every year, every iPhone— every phone by every manufacturer sold anywhere and everywhere around the world — will have some small percentage […]

How to find, install, rearrange, and delete apps on your Apple Watch

Want to get install, move, or get rid of a third-party app on your Apple Watch? Here’s how. Third-party Apple Watch apps aren’t truly apps — they’re iPhone app extensions. As such, when you download an iPhone app with an Apple Watch component, that app will by default automatically install […]

Join Mario as he explores the globe in Super Mario Odyssey for $38

Update: Unfortunately, the Amazon trial deal has expired, but Prime members can still grab the game for $47.99! This deal will make just about anyone shout “yippee!” Mario’s latest adventure heads to the Nintendo Switch on October 27. Prime Members usually save 20% on new game pre-orders, however we’ve just […]

 Win the new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus from RhinoShield and iMore!

We are all super excited for the new iPhone 8, and we know a lot of you are too, so we’re bringing you another contest! This time we’re working with RhinoShield. You might know RhinoShield from their CrashGuard bumper, however this year, they are releasing something quite different: a modular […]

iOS 12 wish list: VIP for all messages, not just mail

VIP lets you create a separate group and notification priority for the contacts that matter the most to you. But only in Mail. That’s not enough. Mail’s VIP — short for Very Important Person — feature is great. It lets you “star” the people most important to you, then enable […]

How to use Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting on the iPhone 8 Plus

What exactly is Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, and how do you use it? Here’s everything you need to know. While people love the #plusclub for a variety of reasons, I chose a Plus model for one reason, and one reason only: Portrait mode. Exclusively […]

Fitbit Ionic review: More fit than bit

The newly announced Fitbit Ionic is the company’s official foray into the smartwatch game! Fitbit has been making fitness trackers for ten years, and some of its more recent models, like the Surge, Blaze and Charge 2, have dipped their toes into being smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrids. Now, Fitbit has officially […]