iMac Pro rumor roundup: Everything you need to know!

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s iMac Pro! At WWDC 2017, Apple announced its first new professionally oriented desktop since 2013, the iMac Pro. Using the same basic design as the rest of the iMac lineup, the iMac Pro blows past its brethren with a massive boost in […]

Person-to-Person Apple Pay is about to make iMessage even more valuable

Peer-to-peer Apple Pay is coming to iMessage, and it’s going to make Apple’s messaging platform even more valuable. Messaging has become a primary interface and platform layer in its own right. There’s no telling how long that will last — if it’s here to stay or if it’s part of […]

How to download and install macOS High Sierra beta 9 to your Mac

If you are a developer and want to know what to expect in macOS High Sierra, here is how to install the developer beta macOS High Sierra is coming this fall with plenty of awesome new features that developers can take advantage of in their apps; as such, Apple is […]

SanDisk introduces new iXpand Base for all your iPhone backup needs

Calling all busy, lazy and forgetful iPhone lovers: SanDisk’s innovative iXpand Base automatically backs up all of your contacts and media as you charge your phone, saving you time, effort and storage fees. If you’re like me, you care passionately about the photos and videos saved to your iPhone but […]

How to download iOS 11 public beta 8 to your iPhone or iPad

Itching to try out iOS 11? The public beta is now available. Here’s how to download it! iOS 11 is coming down the road with a number of new features — features that need real-world testing before the software officially launches. As such, Apple is letting interested users check out […]

How to back up your Mac to the cloud

What are the best online and offsite backup services for your Mac? Here are the ones that could literally save your bits. All of them! Time Machine or another local backup tool for macOS should be your first line of defense. You should always have a way to recover if […]

How to prepare your iPhone for sale

So you’re trying to convince someone that your outdated iPhone is still worth money. Well, guess what? It is! Your old iPhone is still worth money. Someone out there wants one, but doesn’t quite have enough to spend on a brand new model. Though yours may be two years old, […]