Dorm Room Tech Essentials

The first day of classes is fast approaching, make sure you have the right tech to survive! Although we a still in the middle of summer right now, the time for tests, exams, midterms, and yes, dorm rooms is drawing closer with each passing day. Once you have decided on […]

Keep an eye on your home and belongings for only $70

Thankfully, we now have the technology to keep an eye on our homes and businesses from afar, and all we need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and a Wi-Fi security camera. The Kodak 180-degree panoramic Wi-Fi security camera is just such a device, and what it does is right […]

Best Stands for your MacBook and MacBook Pro

Looking for a stellar stand for your MacBook or MacBook Pro? Here are the best of the best to consider! Your MacBook and MacBook Pro are beautiful, powerful pieces of tech, and therefore, it wouldn’t be too inappropriate to literally put it on a pedestal from time-to-time. Of course, a […]

How to use the Touch Bar with YouTube in Safari on MacBook Pro

YouTube in Safari has its own set of playback tools for the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. Let the scrubbing begin! The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is essentially a tool shortcut for built-in programs, as well as third-party apps on the MacBook Pro. It’s not for everyone. But […]

iMore’s favorite summer tech accessories

It’s summer time. The sun is out and so are we! When the summer revs up, the iMore team gets hot. We’re lounging poolside, rocking out to our favorite tunes, snapping pics of our friends, and a whole lot more. We sat down with some cold, cold ones and chatted […]

How to set up and use iCloud Keychain on Mac

Sick of coming up with your own strong passwords? Let iCloud Keychain help. iCloud Keychain is Apple’s attempt at password management. It keeps all of your passwords and accounts for you and keeps them consistent across all of your devices. It can also generate passwords for you so that you […]