Best Pokémon to Evolve, TM, and Power-up for Raids

Machamp Beats Tyranitar, Snorlax, Lapras Machamp with Counter + Dynamic Punch was already a force to be reckoned with in Gyms and it’s every bit as devastating in Raids. Tyranitar-breaker, Snorlax-smasher, Lapras-crusher, and maybe one day, Blissey’s bane, the combination of Fighting-type and double Fighting moves earns it same-type bonus […]

Best adult apps in VR

Finding adult apps for VR is easy, finding awesome adult apps in VR can be more difficult. Porn in VR is all over the place these days. In fact, all you have to do is a quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of websites and apps that can give […]

Apple Music: Two years later, the service is finding its voice

Apple’s music subscription service still trails Spotify in total users, but its sound has never been clearer. On June 30, 2015, Apple Music turned its speakers on, began blasting Beats 1 to over 100 countries, and presented music lovers with a question: Could Apple beat streaming giant Spotify at its […]

How to create a Sparkpost project without a template

You don’t need a template to create a stunning image. Sparkpost brings you tons of great features that make creating the image of your dreams more accessible than ever. While there are plenty of templates that can help you get started, you can also create a post entirely from scratch. […]

iPad Pro 10.5 Back Cover Cases That Work With Apple’s Smart Cover

Are you looking for an iPad Pro 10.5 case that works effortlessly with Apple’s Smart cover? Never fear, we have you covered with these awesome back cover cases! If you’re someone who’s ever used Apple’s Smart Cover with an iPad, you’ll know how awesome of an accessory it is – […]

How to get started with the macOS High Sierra public beta

macOS High Sierra is now in public beta, so more people can now check out what new features it has to offer. Here’s how you can get started. If you’ve just downloaded the macOS High Sierra public beta to your Mac, you might be wondering where you should get started. […]

Celebrate Canada Day with HomeKit!

Celebrate Canada Day and show off your Canadian pride with HomeKit-enabled accessories! You can add a little home automation fun to your Canada Day celebrations with the help of Siri and HomeKit. Whether you’re looking to add a little color to your home 🇨🇦 or get the temperature just right, […]

The absolute BEST Canada Day iPhone cases, eh?

Show off your true Canadian pride this Canada day (Woo Canada 150!) with a good ol’ fashioned Canuck-lovin’ case! Ohhhh Canada, you really rock my socks! So much so that I want to wrap my iPhone in all your red-and-white, maple leaf-y goodness! Here are some iPhone cases that are […]