Space Gray MacBook Pro owners can finally get a matching BookArc stand

Twelve South has added a new color to its BookArc lineup and it is a perfect match for your Space Gray gadgets! If you’ve been eying Twelve South’s sleek BookArc stand for MacBook, but were holding out for something that compliments your Sith Lord theme, your wait is over. The […]

Manage your whole work life for $20

There are great to-do list apps out there, but many of them only support tasks and not contacts, appointments, and more. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop shop for everything? Imagine how much time you’d save by checking out one app with all the day’s to-dos, appointments, […]

Beautiful Bling That Can Add Wow To Your Apple Watch Band!

Here a bling, there a bling, everywhere a bling-bling: Here’s how you can add that extra pop of glam to your Apple Watch! If you’re someone who likes a little hint of bling – but not an entire wrist of bling – to go along with your Apple Watch, then […]

Best iPad apps you should download now!

Did you just get your first iPad? Looking for the top apps to download next? Here they are! Updated May 2017: These are still the best apps you can download for your new iPad. We added OneDrive for a cloud storage option that pairs nicely with your PC, as well […]

Plex live TV – Everything you need to know

Plex now does live TV! Is it the solution for you? Let’s try and answer the questions! Plex is one of the most powerful, yet easily accessible home media center applications on the planet. On a constant quest to reinvent how we think about televisions and how we consume our […]

Developers have made $70 billion on Apple’s App Store

Over the last decade the App Store has earned developers over $70 billion but that’s insignificant compared to how it’s changed the world and our lives. Ahead of the company’s World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC 2017, set to kick off Monday, June 5, Apple is sharing some news about just […]

How to add royalty-free music to iMovie for iOS with iCloud Drive

Want a different soundtrack than the default iMovie options? Here’s how to do it. iMovie’s a great app for editing quick videos together on your iPhone or iPad, but what it offers in editing tools, it lacks in soundscapes. There are only seven pre-cut musical themes, none of which offer […]

Grab a slim and protective iPhone 7 case for $15 today!

This modern update to our classic Tough case delivers military grade impact protection in a sleek new design for your iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, or iPhone 6. A rugged textured finish provides an enhanced grip with metallic buttons adding a touch of refinement. Features: Military strength impact protection* Dual layer […]