Organize all your projects and become a productivity super star!

Getting organized and managing your time effectively is no easy task, and even tough there are hundreds of programs and apps to help you get started, it’s not always easy to find the one that will work for you. Don’t stress; iMore Digital Offers is here to help! Right now […]

Common Pokémon Go problems and how to fix them

What do you do when Pokémon Go won’t log in, drains your battery, or crashes and you can’t play? We’ve got a few tips! Updated April, 2017: Blank Nearby and Sightings, Blue Screen of Death, crashes, and all the latest bugs!) Pokémon Go is a lot of fun… when it […]

April Fools! Have a laugh (or three) at the internet’s expense

Here are some of the ridiculous April Fools pranks and jokes going around this year. I’ve always loved April Fools’ Day, but the internet brings the insanity of a day where everyone’s encouraged to lie or otherwise prank each other to new heights. As a writer covering technology, these pranks […]

Grab this universal wallet case for just $15.85 today

Deal of the Day Sat 01st Apr 2017 Only while stocks last! One size fits all! Introducing the Universal Wallet Case. This lightweight, Universal Wallet will make it easy to keep any Apple iPhone protected, while not compromising on design! The Universal case is professional looking, minimalistic, and easy to […]

With Amazon Petlexa, Alexa becomes dog’s best friend

Your pets can order their own doggone food with Amazon Petlexa! Amazon Echo’s intelligent assistant, Alexa, just got about a hundred times cooler with a new feature called “Petlexa.” With Petlexa, your dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, snakes, lizards, kangaroos, pandas, koalas, jellyfish, sea urchins, lions, tigers, and bears can communicate […]

Best practices for staying safe on social media

Social media can lead to some pretty terrible interactions; stay safe online with these tips! Social media is one of the best features of the modern internet but it’s also one of the worst features of the modern internet. 🤔 What I’m saying is the connective power of the internet […]

Apple opens app development accelerator in India

Almost a year after its announcement, Apple has opened its App Accelerator facility in Bengaluru, India. Apple has announced the opening of its new App Accelerator in Bengaluru, India. The Accelerator offers developers guidance and support as they develop their apps, with a number of session presentations from Apple experts, […]

Twitter’s latest update ditches the egg for default profile photo

The infamous egg is leaving Twitter. It’s hatched into a person-shaped icon of some sort. Twitter’s default profile photo has received an update. The now-infamous egg has been replaced with a person-shaped icon. Twitter’s Design team is behind the change. The group says there are three reasons for the update: […]