How to disable the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro so you can take your exams

If you’re heading in to take the Bar in some states, you’ll have to disable the Touch Bar’s functions if you want to bring your MBP with you. Here’s the skinny! As reported by 9to5Mac, North Carolina recently sent a notice to Bar Exam applicants that anyone using the MacBook […]

Getting Siri-ous about the Super Bowl

On Sunday, February 5, it won’t just be Pats and Falcons fans chomping at the bit — Siri fans can get in on the action too! According to Apple (who I hear is a very good source on the subject of Siri), you’ll be able to use Siri for all […]

Apple Maps transit directions — Which cities have them?

Rene, you need to update your article as it is misleading. It’s misleading to use the term “cities,” when these are actually regions with over a thousand cities, with hundreds of millions of people in these regions… As just one example, “San Francisco” includes transit directions 90 miles south to […]

Show your Patriots or Falcons pride with these NFL iPhone cases

You may be ready for the Super Bowl, but is your iPhone? It’s Superbowl time! And that means, whether you’re hoping the Patriot’s Tom Brady will get his fifth Super Bowl ring, or you want the Falcons to capture the title for the first time in franchise history, you can […]

Square to waive $350 in fees for businesses that promote Apple Pay

Square will waive fees and offer a free marketing kit in order to help boost Apple Pay use. Square has announced a new initiative that would let small businesses process $12,000 worth of payments made with Apple Pay for free, saving these businesses up to $350 in Square costs. Businesses […]

‘I surprisingly do not hate the new MacBook Pro running Windows 10’

Saying that Windows 10 is a better OS just because it has touchscreen support, is like saying one car is better than another car because it has a built-in SatNav, ignoring all the other aspects of the car. They’re both great operating systems. As for “no issues with stability”, that’s […]

Why Activation Lock is no longer checkable via iCloud

Dave Mark, writing for The Loop, on the removal of Apple’s online iCloud Activation Lock tool: [Here’s] a video that shows how to unlock an iPad by cloning the iPad drive and changing the serial number to a valid unlocked serial number, one checked/validated using the Apple activation lock tool […]

Add Storage To Your MacBook Pro With These Tiny USB-C Keychains!

How do you add storage to your MacBook Pro without adding extra bulk or having to carry around an extra drive? With a tiny USB-C keychain, that’s how! If you’re looking to transfer files or add a lil’ extra bit of storage to your MacBook Pro, then investing in a […]

How to download watchOS 3.2 beta 1 to your Apple Watch

Installing the watchOS 3.1.3 beta is more complex than an iOS or macOS beta, but it’s also for developers only. Update January 30, 2017: Apple has just released watchOS 3.2 beta 1 for developers. If you already have a previous watchOS 3 beta installed, proceed to the Watch app on […]

Nintendo Switch vs Apple TV: Which should you buy?

Which is better for gaming in the living room, Nintendo Switch or Apple TV? Here’s how to decide! Apple has been rolling out software updates for the new Apple TV that are quickly turning it into a console-caliber experience. Meanwhile, Nintendo has just announced the new Switch. It is part […]