How to get MagSafe on your 12-inch MacBook

Wish the 12-inch MacBook had MagSafe? You can still have the same effect!

The newest MacBook, saw Apple shift away from multiple ports to one single versatile Thunderbolt 3 (which uses USB-C ports).

While some people have been mourning the loss of the connectivity ports, others have been wondering what they are going to do without MagSafe. The popular power source for the MacBook line has also been replaced by the Thunderbolt 3 technology.

If the lack of MagSafe is preventing you from purchasing a new MacBook, or you are having a hard time adjusting to life without MagSafe, we’ve found a great product that should put your mind at ease.

Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable

Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable

The folks over at Griffin have designed a USB-C cable that works almost exactly like MagSafe. The Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable is a regular USB-C connector on one end and a detachable magnetic connector on the other.

The magnetic end is actually in two pieces. At the tip is the USB-C connector that plugs into your MacBook, and right behind it is the magnetic part that can easily break away from the end of the cable. All this means is, just like with MagSafe, if the BreakSafe cord is accidentally pulled for any reason, the cable will break away at the magnetic portion, leaving the USB-C connector in your computer and eliminating the risk of damage to the port. Plus, the BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable prevents your MacBook from being dragged along for the ride, meaning it shouldn’t be falling off any tables.

It’s important to note that this cable is specifically meant as a power cable and does not support data or video transfers.

You can order the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable for around $40.

See at Griffin

Will we see this for the new MacBook Pro?

As of right now, the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable is only capable of 60w power transfers, so it only works with the 12-inch MacBooks. We are reaching out to Griffin to find out if they are planning to release a BreakSafe compatible with the new MacBook Pro.

Is it worth it?

We want to know what you think! Will you try this third-party solution? Or do you think you’ll manage just fine without MagSafe? Let us know by commenting below.

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