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How many times have you gone to work in the morning, sat down at your desk, and realize you just have too much on the go? You need to check all your appointments in your calendars — because for some reason you have three — call back several people, finish what you started the day before, and still find time to actually get new work done today. It can be exhausting and frustrating to try and get any work done.

Everyone has different solutions to distraction, but what if you have tried them all and nothing is working? Have you every considered that the answer could be could be sitting right in front of you, eight hours a day, five days a week? That’s right, your computer can be turned into a productivity encouraging machine with the right tools, and iMore is here to help!

Pagico 8 Task Manager is the only app you’ll ever need to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and most importantly, get stuff done!

This app allows you to manage your workflow for all your tasks into on convenient flowchart, so you can easily visualize each step you need to complete a task from start to finish. Just check out a few of the great feature of Pagico:

  • Easily manage all your projects and contacts and stay on track with the interactive flowchart
  • Manage and browse hundreds of projects with ease using the powerful tag browser.
  • Focus on the current day and track your progress.
  • Schedule and reschedule easily through the brand-new calendar view and powerful context menu commands.
  • Manage tasks, notes, and files together, and cross link everything with ease.

This fantastic app can be yours for only $19, that’s saving over 60%.

Stop yelling at your computer screen and getting needlessly frustrated with your lack of productivity. Take charge of your workflow and charge into a better planned life.

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