Facebook Messenger’s 11,000 chatbots become much more interactive

Facebook introduced chatbots on Messenger three months ago, and the search giant has shared today that over 11,000 bots are active on the messaging service. The Messenger Platform has picked up an update that adds a slew of new features, such as a persistent menu that lists a bot’s commands, […]

Apple reportedly in talks to buy Jay Z-backed music streaming service Tidal

Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire music streaming service Tidal. That’s according to The Wall Street Journa;, which reports that the talks are very much in the exploratory stage right now. From The Wall Street Journal: The talks are ongoing and may not result in a deal, these people […]

Tim Cook gets a new title on Nike’s board of directors

Tim can’t run apple. he don’t need side tracked with trying to run Nike. All Tim cares about is getting his face on camera. There is absolutely Zero innovation going on at apple and Tim doesn’t care one bit. iPhone running 3 year refreshes. iOS getting gimmicks, macOS getting almost […]

Facebook to shut down its Paper app for the iPhone after July 29

Dear Facebook, Ever since I discovered the day-one article announcing Paper here on iMore, I used the app on my phone. Each day, I would open it up and use it as a newspaper, with the added benefit of having my favorite channels, subjects, stories, and friends all in one […]