Best apps for celebrating the Fourth of July

5. Fireworks Creator 3D

Fireworks CreatorFireworks CreatorFireworks Creator

Maybe you don’t like being near all of those explosives, but you still like the idea of fireworks. If so, or if you live in a town where fireworks are illegal, use the Fireworks Creator to light up the night, virtually. You can launch dozens of sky-high beauties with just a tap. When you start your show, you can pick from specific fireworks, or just let them go randomly.

You can change the viewing angle to see the action from above or below, and even reverse where you are sitting. If you are feeling especially creative, go to the workshop and build your own firework from scratch using parameters for weight, size, charge style, color, and more.

Lighting off real fireworks isn’t for everyone. You can still enjoy the beauty without the bang with Fireworks Creator 3D

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