Apple says Spotify is looking for special treatment in the App Store

Your point isn’t hard to understand, nor am I saying it is invalid. I get what you are saying. But my point, and others like me, is this:

If I am in Target going to buy a bluray disc, is it up to Target to tell me that Walmart has it for $2.02 less? Is it up to Target to tell me that it is $6 less on amazon? No, absolutely not. I am in Target. My choices are (1) pay Target and not think about it again (because I am making a purchase and not worrying about price. (2) Check online on my iPhone and pay Target more, because it is more convenient (I am already in Target with the disc in my hand), as opposed to going across town/street to Walmart, or waiting 2 days for Amazon to deliver it.

Exact same thing applies here. Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

Also, I don’t have an issue calling Apple out when they are wrong. In this case, they are not wrong, Spotify is being a little brat. The rules have been the same since 2008. This isn’t a debate if they are good rules or bad ones. They are, what everyone in this country seems to want to hold people working to, EQUAL to ALL. No one, not Amazon, Google, Micorsoft, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, no one gets a better deal.

What has Apple done to make things a little better? Introduced the ability to make up to 200 pricing options. Does Spotify lack the creativity to find a way to use this to benefit them and their customers? They were sure creative enough to charge $3 more if signing up in the app. Apple also drops the take to 15% after a year of holding a customer. Is Spotify complaining that those customers who sign up in the app will now be providing more “profit” to Spotify? Didn’t think so.

My issue with this entire thing is that Spotify is being disingenuous, claiming that their app was rejected because of Apple Music, when they know full well that it has nothing to do with Apple Music, and everything with Spotify thinking they were above the rules that APPLY TO EVERY DEVELOPER.

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