Apple Pay reportedly headed to Brazil, Japan and more in 2016

A reported launch roadmap from MasterCard seems to indicate that Apple Pay will be heading to Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore by the end of 2016. The purported roadmap, which was leaked by 9to5Mac, also indicates that Apple Pay may add support for MasterCard in Canada before the end […]

Judge rules in Apple’s favor in New York iPhone unlock case

A New York judge has ruled in Apple’s favor in an ongoing case through which the government was seeking to force the Cupertino company to unlock an iPhone by leveraging the All Writs Act. The case is separate from the current ongoing battle between the FBI and Apple over whether […]

Rumored 9.7-inch iPad Pro may pack 12MP camera with 4K video support

The rumored 9.7-inch iPad Pro — once thought to carry the moniker iPad Air 3 — may include camera specs that top its 12.9-inch sibling, according to a new report. Specifically, 9to5Mac reports that the smaller iPad Pro might contain a 12MP camera capable of recording 4K video: Internal prototypes […]

How Apple Music Connect frustrates artists and listeners

While Apple may have had higher aspirations for Connect, its social network that launched with Apple Music, what exists eight months after its launch seems to be frustrating for both artists and Apple Music subscribers. In a post over at Better Elevation, Airplane Mode’s Dave Wiskus outlines the failures of […]

Nest CEO Tony Fadell talks about the creation of the iPod and iPhone

Before he co-founded connected device company Nest, Tony Fadell worked at Apple and lead the teams behind its iPod and its first iPhone devices. Fadell looks back on those days in a newly published interview. Fadell told VentureBeat about his doubts when Apple CEO Steve Jobs asked him to help […]

Save your iPhone’s battery with these Low Power Mode tricks!

Love the extra battery life you get in Low Power Mode? Turn off these iPhone features, and you can rock Low Power Mode like it’s your daily driver. Apple’s Low Power Mode, introduced in iOS 9, lets you flip a switch to temporarily reduce the strain on your battery by […]

AfterPad offers a new way to find apps for the Apple TV

While you can find Apple TV apps through the App Store on the device, some people may be looking for a different way, and a new tool has surfaced to provide just that. AfterPad, which generally focuses on gaming on iPhone and iPad, has launched a dedicated Apple TV app […]

Google Maps for iPhone now lets you easily add detours to your trips

Google Maps for iPhone will now let you add detours to your trip without leaving navigation mode. Now, for example, if you decide you want to make a pitstop at a gas station or restaurant, you can simply add that detour in the app and your current route and estimated […]