T-Mobile teaser for its Super Bowl 50 ads is a look back at classic commercials

Just switched three lines to T-Mobile from AT&T. I own the three phones, so it was easy to do it all online – I selected the plan features, and 3 free sim cards came Fedex. I swapped in the new sims, which gave me 3 new numbers, then went online, ported the old numbers over. After the port, I cancelled AT&T (good riddance!) and that was it. No complaints, until last night …

T-Mobile sent my wife an unsolicited text telling her to go home and watch Netflix with Binge On. I was like, wtf? I double-checked the settings on her line – all T-Mobile communications to her were turned off.

I don’t get it. It was creepy. Of course T-Mobile knew we weren’t home, but to use that info to generate a personal message just felt weird. Furthermore, the message itself didn’t make sense. If we go home to watch Netflix, it sure won’t be over the cellular network on a small screen with Binge On. The whole thing was intrusive and creepy.

Why is T-Mobile sullying their brand by SPAMing their customers?

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