Google just had to remove its new calorie-centric Maps feature

Following tons of backlash, Google was forced to remove a new feature for Maps that showed the amount of calories a person could burn by walking to their destination instead of driving. Recently, Google rolled out a new test feature to a small number of users that showed them the […]

Get 2TB of cloud storage from Zoolz for just $39.99!

Cloud services, however, can be costly or they just don’t offer enough storage. You need a service that’ll securely back you up for life, and you need a service that won’t cost you thousands a year because you need terabytes of storage. This is especially prudent in a business scenario […]

How to find your iPhone using Amazon Echo

Did you know you can use your Amazon Echo to track down your lost phone? Here’s how! There’s more to the Amazon Echo than just listening to audio and asking about the weather. Your Amazon Echo is a voice-activated computer that’s capable of running apps (Amazon calls ’em Skills) that […]

How to add photos, videos, scans, and sketches to Notes on iPhone and iPad

You can add photos, videos, sketches, and even scanned documents to the Notes app on iPhone and iPad. Here’s how. The Notes app on your iPhone and iPad isn’t just for typing out text or to-do lists. You can also add photos, videos, sketches, and even scanned documents, turning it […]

Apple’s healthcare ambitions beyond the Watch

Apple Watch is part of Apple’s health initiatives — but only a part. Could Healthcare clinics and more be next on the list? From CNBC Apple has considered an expansion into health care clinics, and had talks to buy a start-up called Crossover Health, which works with big employers to […]

How to download tvOS 11.1 public beta 3 to your Apple TV

Want to see what’s going with tvOS 11? The public beta is now available. Here’s how to download it! Apple occasionally offers updates to iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS as closed developer previews or public betas for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac (sadly, no public beta for the Apple […]