Become a masterful Python coder for only $44

Just about everything relies on some type of code nowadays. Cars are computerized; we use computers all day long, and we’re glued to our smartphones from sunup to sundown. Python is a major coding language for apps and it’s an excellent tool if you’re wanting to enter the field of […]

Three things I miss after ditching my MacBook

Even though I’m perfectly happy with my new laptop, I deeply miss my MacBook. A few weeks ago, I swapped out my 2014 MacBook Pro for the latest Razer Blade. I needed something that was VR-Ready, and it was clear from the last hardware refresh that Apple wasn’t going to […]

How to use Siri with Apple Music

With Siri, you’re only ever a press and a sentence away from controlling Apple Music. Update March 2017: Added sections for playing Favorites Mix and New Music Mix and a table of contents, Apple Music box, and images for iOS 10. Added information about Siri search suggestions for covers and […]

Grab a protective iPhone SE case for just $15 today

Note: Not eligible for promotions, already on clearance Deal of the Day Mon 27th Mar 2017 Only while stocks last! Crafted with rigid Plextonium shell and impact resistant core, the EDGE PRO includes a co-molded 2-part sliding design that allows for convenient docking and charging. With a sleek, low-profile design, […]

How to adjust the Music equalizer on your iPhone or iPad

How do you customize your music’s sound? With your iPhone and iPad’s equalizer. Whether you have particularly bass-heavy headphones or you just want to meddle with your sound for a particular album, Apple makes it simple to adjust the EQ — equalizer — for your music. Digital equalizers allow you […]

Splatoon 2 is starting out stronger than ever

Oh yeah, this is going to be fun! Splatoon 2 is entering its Global Testfire phase before it is available to purchase later this year, and as early beta tests go this game checks all the right boxes. Nintendo needed to be able to show this game was just as […]

How to make an emergency call on a locked iPhone

You can make a phone call from a locked iPhone without a passcode or Touch ID. If you are ever in a dire situation and the only iPhone in the area is one that is locked, and you don’t know how to unlock it, you can still make a call […]