How to get rid of malware on your Mac

Though it’s not easy to hack into or break through a Mac’s security, it is possible, especially if someone accidentally installs malware without realizing it. If your Mac is running slow or you’re seeing unusual advertisements within your web browser you might have accidentally installed malware at some point. Don’t […]

How to download and install macOS 10.13.3 beta 5 to your Mac

macOS High Sierra is coming this fall with plenty of awesome new features that developers can take advantage of in their apps; as such, Apple is releasing early beta software so that developers can make their apps work seamlessly when the full operating system launches to the public. Apple occasionally […]

Get two 6-feet USB-C to USB-A Anker Powerline+ cables for just $9

It’s definitely worth pointing out that these are USB 2.0 cables, not the more modern 3.0. While that might mean some slower transfer speeds for whatever you use these for, they’re still high quality nylon-braided cords that will last you a long time. Features include: Lasts 6X Longer: Double-braided nylon […]

Clock App: The Ultimate Guide

Thanks to Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, you can quickly and easily set alarms, start timers, use the stopwatch, and check the world clock all by talking to your iPhone or iPad. How to view the time in any city with Siri How to set an alarm with Siri How to […]

How to write a screenplay in Scrivener for Mac

We’ve discussed how to use Scrivener for short stories or novels. But the program’s many templates also include a fairly sturdy screenplay mode. If you’ve ever wanted to write a movie, Scrivener’s automatic formatting and other useful tools can help. It’s not quite a replacement for Final Draft, the industry […]

Best iPhone Running Belts in 2018

If your outdoor activities are less about pounding pavement and more about climbing rocks, Waterfly’s waist bag might be a little more to your liking. It’s kind of like a standard fanny pack, but slim and more subtle. It’s not an everyday hip pack, though you might want it to […]

Best iPad board games for multiplayer fun!

Ticket to Ride is similar to an empire building game, but instead of building cities, towns, and castles, you’re claiming railroad routes and earning points for connecting them to cities. Players select colored train cars, some at random and some from a face-up deck, and use the cards in their […]